The predecessor of our firm, the Újpest Bypass Bt. had been engaged in technical devices since 2000. Initially the main profile was vacuum technology machine production. The Bt. produced and is still producing devices for testing sources of light mainly for GE Hungary Zrt.


The scope of activity was enlarged for the aesthetic refurbishment of set top boxes for receiving cable TV and satellite services as of 2006 on behalf of UPC Magyarország Kft. and MonorTelefonTársaság Kft.


Our company’s activity has grown, therefore the renewal plant has moved to theDélutca at Soroksár, South Budapest.


As of 2010 the scope of our services also includes software and hardware diagnostics, repair, maintenance, packaging, the preparation of uniform packages, refurbishment and acquisition of accessories, also on behalf of UPC DTH S.a.r.l. From this year we shall embark upon the assembly, repair and testing of equipment enabled to receive digital terrestrial, cable TV and satellite broadcasts for the Edictum Kft.

In addition our firm is going to begin the refurbishment, screen printing, PIN code resolution and testing of smart cards using Cryptoworks coding. We also delivered help desk tasks for HELLO HD.

In the latter half of 2010 the increased volume of refurbishment and toll manufacturing called for the separation of activities by organizations as well; it is how Ú.Bypass Kft. came into being.


Production renewed in 2011: we doubled the area of the assembly hall, set up an ESD protected service and testing environment, and the Microsoft Dynamics Navision enterprise resource planning system has been implemented. This year we have repaired over 10 thousand, assembled close to 70 thousand and refurbished over 100 thousand set top boxes so far and, in addition to all this, we refurbished accessories in over 200 thousand cases.  Our acquisitions have also expanded to include accessories and parts.


In this year we started to test Docsis 3.0 Wifi modems and routers (900 tested and packaged devices per day). From this year our firm also supplies for the Czech TRR (Test, Repair and Refurbishment) market.


In January 2012 our firm acquired the ISO 9001 quality management certificate.
Our employees have organized and controlled several workshops for distributors. Our plant has been restructured to comply with the 5S LEAN methodology.
The South Korean company Humax conducted a manufacturer’s audit at our firm. Then Bypass conducted the comprehensive field test on Humax HD set-top boxes prior to their market launch.


Having been approached by Lightware Kft. we started the mass production of TPS products in 2013, after the successful test production.
In the very same year the scope of devices tested expanded (Cisco modem) and we installed a stress test cabin for special tests.


New logo, new corporate identity, new strategy.

We opened our first shop called Okospont (Smart Point) on June 26, 2015 at Savoya Park in Budapest’s 11th district, where we provide local service and the shop is also a delivery point for our customers. We provide repair, maintenance, refurbishment of household appliances through computers to smart phones, as well as data protection and consulting.


B2C: we launched our webshop at the beg of the year uploading continuously new products. B2B: for new customer LÁT-SAT Kft. we started to maintain modems. We modified a special hotel RCU based on extra needs. We promote and donate a Budapest-Bamako rally team, an African school and students, a swimming pool association, and TV shows. We started to organize our site moving.


We moved our premise, and settled in during the year. And we started to prepare our Budapest-Bamako team.


Development, development, development in the whole year. We also moved our B2C division to Csepel. We procured new products to sell, and extended the suppliers. We participated in the Budapest-Bamako competition.


Our logo and image have been renewed. We won a tender, expanded with a new reputable B2B client; we have continuously improved to increase our efficiency and provide new services; we also won 3 tenders, we have started to introduce a new ERP system, and have started to renovate our plant to reduce overhead, use renewable energy, and to reduce our carbon emissions; we are ‘beautifying’ and renewing. We have introduced many new health and safety measures to address the Covid-19 epidemic situation and to successfully prevent the spread of the virus.


New year, new customers, new requests, orders, growing volume and several efficient improving projects. We became the RMA and CC partner for Lamax and Truecam brands. We redeveloped our webshop.


Our ‘green’ department has been formed. We have paid special attention to reducing our ecological / carbon footprint and have become committed to the development and use of ‘green’ technologies.

We continued to serve our new clients in the tenders we won, which was so successful that we achieved a much larger volume. Testing has also taken place with new multinational companies. And we also participated in new tenders.

We have increased our resources. We have purchased new and modern automatic equipment, which modern technologies allows us to provide old and new services to our customers more efficiently.

We have implemented and realized the won European Union tenders for energy efficiency / technological modernization, training and internships. We are already working in a renovated, more modern building with trained staff, young people, newer machines, and a new production management system.

We continued to defend ourselves effectively against new mutants and waves of the corona virus, we followed the rules, we had no disease.

We were also featured on TV and radio.



György Szabó


Renáta Gánóczi

Operation and Financial Officer

Dénes Bíró

Business Development Manager

Árpád Glasz

Development Manager

Gábor Teubel

Project Coordinator

Tamás Papp

Service and Production Leader

Károly Koczka

Logistic Leader


We are passionately committed to provide a full range of technological solutions and offer outstanding business values through our services to our customers.


ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS | faith in the future
SIMPLICITY | we solve our tasks smoothly
FLEXIBILITY | there are no limits
SATISFACTION | serving our customers is our primary task
PRO-ACTIVITY | we think together with you, while we are one step ahead of you


The stork flies across the world, above everything, it is a “citizen of the world”, a tireless, precise and purposeful bird.



  • We offer complex solutions.
  • We work with a simple, easily predictable pricing system.
  • We represent the interests of our partners continuously.
  • We offer a guarantee.
  • We are proactive.


  • We have customized, proactive and innovative solutions;
  • We have many years of service background and experienced employees;
  • We offer versatile background support.

In the rapidly changing market situation one thing always remains: every person likes to get attention, to be listened to and receive professional advice, when necessary.


szerviz Repair, refurbishment
logisztika Logistics
gyártás Production
támogatás Support


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