In order to better serve our clients, we have been performing packaging and repackaging tasks since 2010. This includes the preparation of unit packs, obtainment of accessories and transport (also with our company’s own vehicles). Our range of activity was extended with the purchase of accessories and fixings in 2011. In 2012, we were asked to manage the refused and defective goods (returns) in UPC Direct’s Hungarian and Slovakian areas.

Our logistic services:

  • transport – with own vehicles, through courier companies and carriers;
  • warehousing – goods on pallet and piece-goods;
  • returns management – receiving, recording, sorting;
  • purchasing – set-top boxes, modems, cables, other accessories, fixings, fittings, electronic components;
  • packaging – we provide special packaging on request;
  • disposal, hazardous waste management – including all the administrative tasks.

Complete administration during the service-life of the device and equipment, from purchasing through customs clearance to warehousing, commissioning and door-to-door delivery, including scrapping and hazardous waste management.