Painting, logo and label screen printing services are offered since 2006. We have started manufacturing unit packs in 2010.

At the request Lightware Kft., – following a successful trial production – we have launched the series production of TPS products in 2013.

Manufacturing services

  • Manufacturing of set-top boxes (STB, CPE) – on demand (e.g. software, HDD, connectors, HD, colour, etc.),
  • Manufacturing of unit packs (KITS) (compilation, documentation, labelling, packaging),
  • Manufacturing of instruction manuals in several languages,
  • Manufacturing of Remote Controls (RCU),
  • Painting and graphic printing, solutions.

Eco-friendly technologies

Our activity does not pollute the environment, therefore

  • water-based paints are used,
  • waste is collected selectively,
  • the parts are reused (if possible),
  •  we seek to achieve low energy consumption.