Repair & refurbishment – WE RENEW IT: 

The renewal is already started with the procurement of the equipment. It is worth considering what to choose when devices are purchased. The question is whether the warranty and service centre (sometimes abroad) and the payment of transport costs should be chosen – or whether it is worthwhile to buy 3% more devices and repairing + default software and descriptions. While formulating the GTC it is recommended that the customer should be responsible for the return of the devices to the customer service points, and the mechanics should not need to collect them.

What services we offer for satellite and cable television set-top boxes, modems, and any telecommunications, entertainment, IT, household, vehicle electronics devices, as well as accessories (e.g. remote controls, cables):

  • Functional / software / hardware diagnostics,
  • Repair,
  • Maintenance,
  • Aesthetic renovation (leveling, sanding, surface treatment, painting, marking, engraving, printing).
  • RMA, complete after-sales services (e.g. contact center)


Complete repair, maintenance and aesthetic renovation of electronic products is our main profile. In addition to a large number of services and renewals, we also deal with individual orders. Our service is level 1-3 and can even provide component level repairs. We identify possible manufacturing defects and make an offer to eliminate them (maintenance – ECO).

When new devices are introduced, we perform a 3-step software field test and look for “weak points” in the prototypes. We also perform a satellite antenna signal gain factor test, a CAM / CI + module field test, and a device compatibility test.

We make the desired products and equipment unique in any surface, color, inscription or logo by painting, screen printing and laser marking.


Functional, software and hardware diagnostics, Smart card separation, repair, maintenance, aesthetic renovation (grinding, straightening, polishing, polishing, screen printing), accessories renovation, procurement, personalization, scrapping, hazardous waste management, complete logistics, complete communication, development of a monitoring, reporting and analysis system (TAT, NFF), writing of custom test software on demand (eg development of a test method for new devices).

We have many years of experience in the field of fault detection and servicing, engineers, technicians, ESD protection, 5S processes, environmentally friendly technologies. In addition: BGA soldering station, test booth for performing stress test, SMD soldering stations and own software.


We are testing your old devices, your new upgrades; we examine those and make reports.


The parts of the scrap equipment are examined and if possible, reused (donorization).

You will not be without equipment

Thanks to our services, neither you nor your clients will be without equipments.


We offer a six-month guarantee on the devices serviced and / or upgraded by our company, and we offer documented manufacturer’s warranty on the used parts.


ESD-tested repair and testing environment.

The devices received by our plant undergo multiple tests, the warranty period is extended, there are no hidden defects. We save whatever we can.